2017 Schedule

Oblates from all locations are welcome to the monthly meetings of the Latrobe Deanery of Oblates, mostly at 6:45 p.m. in seminary classroom Brownfield 202 on Sundays. Classes on Benedictine spirituality will continue to be offered at 3 p.m. on the same dates.  Those wishing to be present for Vespers and supper should phone Father Donald (724-805-2291) in advance. 

Father Donald Raila, O.S.B., director of the Oblate program at Saint Vincent Archabbey, has announced the 2017 calendar of Benedictine Spirituality talks to be given on campus. The talks take place in the Brownfield Center as part of the regular schedule of Oblate meetings at 3 p.m. Following the talks, Oblates are invited to pray Sunday vespers with the Benedictines.

Brother Cassian Edwards, O.S.B., will speak on February 12 on “Poverty and Simplicity in Benedictine Spirituality.”

Brother Ignatius Camello, O.S.B., will speak on “Conversatio morum” on March 12.

The April 9 presenter will be Father Boniface Hicks, O.S.B., on “Hospitality in Benedictine Spirituality.”

“Liturgy of the Hours” will be the topic of Father John-Mary Tompkins, O.S.B., on May 7.

Dr. Matthew Fisher, who is on the faculty of Saint Vincent College, will talk about “Spirituality of Camaldolese Benedictines” on June 11.

The July 16 presenter will be Brother (soon-to-be Father) Canice McMullen, O.S.B., on “Lectio Divina.”

Father Wulfstan Clough, O.S.B., will speak on “The Eucharist in Benedictine Spirituality” on August 20.

On September 17, Brother Martinho Zevallos, O.S.B., will discuss “Stability in Benedictine Spirituality.”

Father Edward Mazich, O.S.B., rector of Saint Vincent Seminary, will present on “Silence in Benedictine Spirituality” on October 22.

Other Oblate meeting dates are November 19 and December 17.

In January, Father Thomas Acklin, O.S.B., spoke “On Holiness and Humility and Benedictine Spirituality.”