Preliminary Info about the Ceremonies

The officiant at the ceremonies may be the Archabbot, the Director of Oblates, the moderator of a local deanery, or another delegated monk of the Archabbey. The officiant may also be a professed Benedictine monk of another monastery, a Catholic diocesan priest, or a Catholic permanent deacon provided that the person has received official permission through correspondence with the Director of Oblates.

If Oblate novices are to be invested, each candidate should have filled out an application form stating his or her reasons for seeking novice Oblation, and the Director of Oblates should have approved the application. The officiant should have prepared blue enrollment cards, two for each candidate. The officiant should also have prepared for each candidate a medal of Saint Benedict, a pamphlet explaining the medal and its use, and a copy of the Holy Rule. The medals are generally blessed beforehand; if not, they can be blessed during the ceremony with the formula found in the pamphlet "The Medal or Cross of Saint Benedict."

If full Oblates are to be received, each candidate should have filled out a form for those seeking full Oblation, with a statement of reasons for seeking Oblation and a description of the candidate's efforts to satisfy the requirements stated in the Oblate Formation Booklet. The form should have been received and approved by the Director of Oblates or local moderator. The officiant should have prepared for each candidate two Oblation certificates, made out in duplicate. Each candidate should have had the opportunity to choose in advance an Oblate name and to submit that name to the officiant for inclusion on the certificate

The ceremony can be simple or solemn, according to the desires of those participating. It may be performed during Mass (after the proclamation of the Gospel and a homily) or in conjunction with an hour of the Liturgy of the Hours. Even a simple ceremony may be enhanced by lighted candles, a reading from Scripture, a reading from the Holy Rule, a homily, and/or prayers of petition. Those invited to attend may include members of the local deanery and family and friends of the candidates to be received.