Posted by svobadm8230a on 05/21/14

Dear Oblates and Friends of Saint Vincent,

The Easter Season is a time for us to reflect upon our connectedness to Christ. We recall the words of Jesus to
his disciples, “I am the vine. You are the branches.” Through our baptism, we are intimately connected to God through our Risen Savior. As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI once said, “All of us are limbs of Christ.” We become an extension of his personal presence in the world.

To help us grow in this process of connectedness to Christ,
he has given us the gift of the Eucharist, his own body
and blood, so that we can increasingly become more imbued with the spirit
and attitude of Christan extension of his presence in the world.

May this season of Resurrection grace be a time for
renewed faith and openness to the ongoing action of God in
our lives through the Holy Spirit.

In the Risen Lord,

Archabbot Douglas, O.S.B.


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