Lenten Season

Posted by svobadm8230a on 03/19/15

Dear Oblates and Friends of Saint Vincent,

Pope Francis calls upon all of us to remember that "by nature of [our] baptism, all the members of the People of God have become missionary disciples" (Joy of the Gospel, n. 120).

The Lenten season provides us with a much-needed time for self-examination regarding our baptismal call to be missionary disciples. Do we give witness to the Resurrected Lord by our outreach to those who live on the periphery of society—the poor, the lonely, the elderly, the outcasts, the marginalized? The world is beset by ethnic and religious conflict. Our nation is struggling with racial prejudices and stereotypes. Are we actively involved in promoting the entire pro-life teachings of Christ and the Church?

Pope Francis notes that "at the very heart of the Gospel is life in community and engagement with others. Proclaiming the kingdom of God has made an immediate moral implication centered on charity" (n. 177).

Pope Francis has inspired many to re-engage in the faith by "embodying the loving mercy of God." Let us pray for the grace to proclaim the Resurrected Lord by embodying the loving mercy of God at every moment and with every person. Be the "missionary disciple" you were called by baptism to be.

Sincerely in Christ,

Archabbot Douglas

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