Holiday Note

Posted by on 12/28/10

     Finally getting back to the Oblate Blog. My hopes for weekly entries look a little bleak at present but with all Benedictine humility I beg you indulgence as this is a work in progress. Here at St. Vincent Archabbey Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are behind us as we are in the midst of the Octave of Christmas. This is generally a quiet time at the Abbey as many confreres take the opportunity to spend a few days with their families. I will be taking the opportunity to travel to the State Correctional Institute in Coal Township to give a talk on Lectio Divina on the 30th. That evening I will also have the opportunity to visit St. Joseph's parish in Danville and speak after the 7 p.m Mass, also addressing Lectio Divina. Preparing for these presentations have rekindled in me an appreciation of Lectio and the critical necessity of spending time with the Word. Little wonder that it is foundational to monastic life

     On a side note one of my critical interests in Catholic education and time to time I will call your attention to different articles or references that address the issue. It is not overstating the case to say that Cathoic schools are an endangered species. The reasons for the decline are many are far beyond the scope of this note. An excellent perspective was recently offered by Archbishop Dolan of New York in America Magazine. It is entitled "The Catholic Schools We Need" and can be accessed through the America Magazine website or directly at

     I would like to thank everyone for the interest and generous response to the website and this nascent blog. On behalf of Fr. Donald, myself and all of the monks of St. Vincent Archabbey I want to wish all of our Oblate and other friends a safe and blessed New Year. God bless you.



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